Utopia Art Sydney

6 - 27 October 2018


Utopia Art Sydney

2 June - 2 July 2016

Sydney Contemporary


September 2015


Kangaroo Valley

May 2015


Utopia Art Sydney

30 August - 20 September 2014

One of the challenges of making a sculpture is ensuring that it stands up...


Many of Christopher Hodges’ latest works threaten to fall. They tilt precariously into space. And yet, their steel forms are perfectly poised over bases that are not simply a support, but crucial to the work as a whole.


As the artist explains, “to create balance within a sculpture you need to have every element sitting in harmony... I’m seeking a refinement of form so that it can speak freely and truly.” 


Utopia Art Sydney

28 June - 19 July 2014

Christopher Hodges’ tilting sculpture 'Flamingo' extends upwards into space precariously, its radioactively pink form humming gently, lighting up the wall behind it. Here, Hodges uses the harmony of proportional geometry to create formal tension. 3 is the magic number in this sculpture, which is 3m tall, .3m wide and .03m deep. What’s more the sections of the form are perfect thirds, set at subtle angles that play with the relationships between symmetrical lines. When standing before this work, its mathematical intricacy may not be not readily apparent but its delicate visual balance is dizzying. 


2 Danks St Waterloo, NSW

February 2014


National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney

24 January - 2 March 2014

In recent years Sydney has become renowned for its diverse and evolving outdoor sculpture shows.


SCULPTURE CITY has developed from a desire to experience the works by our leading sculptors in a gallery environment. Each of the ten artists will be represented by a body of work, presented alongside their contemporaries, giving viewers an overview of the dynamic Sydney sculpture scene.


Artists include Paul Bacon (represented by Watters Gallery), Anne Ferguson, Christopher Hodges (represented by Utopia Art Sydney), Paul Hopmeier(represented by Defiance Gallery), Jan King (represented by King Street Gallery on William), Kevin Norton (represented by Defiance Gallery), James Rogers (represented by Watters Gallery), Hui Selwood (represented by Robin Gibson Gallery), Paul Selwood (represented by Watters Gallery) andMichael Snape (represented by Australian Galleries.


Reviewed by John McDonald in Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald


The Depot Gallery, 2 Danks St, Sydney

25 June - 6 July 2013

PAPER: 1988 - 2012

Utopia Art Sydney

19 September - 13 October 2012


Utopia Art Sydney

20 January - 20 February 2010

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